Our Artisans

Master Weavers,
and Farmers

Our baskets are handcrafted by talented women residing in villages in the eastern region of Senegal. These villages specialize in various types of basket weaving, with knowledge and skills passed down from one generation to the next. Our artisans are the backbone of our operation, contributing their expertise and creativity to create stunning and unique baskets.

They are not just artisans; they are also entrepreneurs and farmers, embodying resilience and determination. They are often the breadwinners for their families, juggling multiple responsibilities throughout the year. During the rainy season, they engage in subsistence farming, cultivating crops to sustain their households. When the dry season arrives, they shift their focus to weaving, showcasing exceptional skills and craftsmanship.

The people who work with us are not only masters of their craft but also lifelong learners committed to improving their standards. They embrace opportunities to enhance their skills and respond positively to feedback from customers like you. This commitment to growth and customer satisfaction sets them apart and ensures that each basket we produce is of the highest quality.

When you bring our products into your home, you are inviting a piece of artistry, passion, and care. Each item tells a story of skillful craftsmanship, sustainable sourcing, and social responsibility.

We invite you to experience the essence of our brand – products made with care, created with love, and designed to make a lasting impact.

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