Our Story

Since the start of this journey over 10 years ago, we have always been guided by the same principle; concern for others.

Our business has grown and changed but the guiding principle has remained the same.

Hein Ole Kock og Nathan Simeon

In 2012, across two continents and generations, an extraordinary friendship began to form, destined to have a profound impact on our lives. Nathan, an aspiring musician, and I, dealing with health challenges, shared a deep interest in helping others. This common bond sparked conversations about making a difference, igniting a belief that drove us to action one year later.

Starting with a modest investment, we bought 5 bags from an artist at Nathan’s music school, sold them and reinvested the profit in new bags, this time produced by Nathan himself. 

During a trip to Senegal in 2014, we came across Amadou Diankha, an esteemed wood carver. His craftsmanship expanded our product range to include wooden utensils, bowls, platters, and traditional African masks.

In 2015, our journey led us to textiles as a raw material. The vibrant wax fabrics popular in West Africa got incorporated into different products we made and sold. Nathan’s hidden talent in sewing emerged, and he began a new journey to hone his craft. Our first collection included only tea towels and pot holders. One year later, Nathan produce a limited collection of handbags sewn exclusively by him.

En træhugger der hugger træfigurer på jorden

In 2016, we got our first collaboration with Kniplestuen in Holbæk, Denmark. 

It’s a story that could have ended before it began. But it didn’t. A decade later, we still care.

Our greatest assets are the people who work with us and the people who do business with us. Fair business practices is not just a motto here, it is a way of life.

2020 marked a turning point as we shifted our focus to our best selling product; baskets. Our commitment to putting people first led us to obtain Fair Trade certification in 2021.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we persevered. Our workforce in Senegal grew from five artisans to an impressive team of 55, even amidst regional shutdowns and restrictions. We also began a partnership with Hammershus Fairtrade, producing baskets that embody our values.

Our story is one of friendship, determination, and empowerment. Through A Deal With Care, we strive to  support artisans, and create guilt-free profit. 

We’re thrilled you will be joining us for the ride.

– Hein Ole Kock & Nathan Simeon, Co-founders, A deal with care.